Bernese Mountain Dog rescue

Bernese Mountain Dog rescue

Bernese Mountain Dog rescue
Bernese Mountain Dog rescue

Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue

The Bernese Mountain Dog is lightly larger than tall, though looking square. This breed is a sturdy, healthy, hardy dog with a combination of power, speed, and activity. Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue, The Bernese dog’s true working gait is a slow trot, but with excellent reach and drive. The thick coat is moderately large, and slightly wavy or straight, providing insulation from the cold. The look is gentle, and the appearance is striking.


The most famously known of the Sennehunde, or Swiss mountain dogs, the Bernese mountain dogs rescue, is characterized by being the only one to have a fairly lengthy, silky coat. The beginning of the breed is uncertain at best. Few experts believe this breed’s history copies to the Roman invasion of Switzerland when the Roman mastiffs were mixed with native flock-guarding dogs. This cross produced a powerful dog that was able to withstand the Alpine weather and that could serve as a draft dog, flock guard, drover, herder, and general farm dog.


Berner Mountain Dog rescue

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a relaxed, calm family partner (that is, after the adolescent stage). This dog is nervous, loyal, extremely devoted, friendly with children, and often reserved with visitors. The Bernese usually gets along well with other dogs and pets. They do not do well separated from family ventures.


Berner Mountain Dog health
Berner Mountain Dog health
  • Main matters: CHD, elbow dysplasia, mast cell tumor, gastric torsion
  • Secondary concerns: cataract, entropion, ectropion, SAS
  • Hardly seen: hypomyelination, allergies, vWD, hepatocerebellar degeneration, hypothyroidism, PRA
  • Recommended tests: hip, elbow, eye, cardiac, DNA for vWD
  • Life span: 6–9 years
  • Note: Special care must be taken to avoid heatstroke.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Easy to Train?

Bernese Mountain Dogs are smart but are a bit more potential to mature than different dogs, therefore they can be late to guide. A patient, loving trainer with lots of loving support and help is best for this breed.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Good with Cats?

Bernese Mountain Dogs rescue is very loud as puppies and therefore will need to be well trained on how to handle tinier animals. Of course, every dog (and cat) has his own choices and temperament, but you can feel reasonably confident your Bernese Mountain Dog if correctly socialized to your cat and/or introduced at a small age, should get along just swell.

How Much Does a Bernese Mountain Dog Cost?

You can select a Bernese Mountain Dog at a very lower cost than buying one from a breeder. The cost to choose a Bernese Mountain Dog is around $300 to cover the costs of attending for the dog before adoption. In opposition, buying Bernese Mountain Dogs from breeders can be prohibitively costly. Depending on their breeding, they normally cost anywhere from $1,500-$4,000.

Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue